Woodcutting is a skill used to cut down trees. It is not a money source in RS Fun, but it must be mastered in order to open the Mastery Shop.

If you are interested in beginning the Woodcutting skill, this guide will take you step-by-step everything you need to do to master Woodcutting.

Tools Needed to Woodcut

  • Iron Hatchet
  • Rune/Dragon Hatchet

The reason why you must have two kinds of Hatchets is because certain ones allow you to cut faster and better. Therefore, a Rune or Dragon Hatchet is highly recommended to purchase after you acquire the desired level.

Woodcutting Levels and Trees

  • Level 1 ~ Tree
  • Level 15 ~ Oak Tree
  • Level 30 ~ Willow Tree
  • Level (?) ~ Yew Tree
  • Level (?) ~ Magic Tree

To get to the Woodcutting area, open up your Spell Book and click Skilling Teleport. Then, teleport to Woodcutting.

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